65 Meter

We are proud to offer the largest concrete pump in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. The 65 meter Concord is the largest truck in our fleet, with a horizontal reach of 199 feet and a vertical reach of 213 feet, this truck has unmatched capabilities.

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 44’-10”

  • Rear: 47’-6”

  • Front to Back: 54’-8”

Line Dragons

The Line Dragons easily maneuver over rebar grid, radiant heat lines, nelson studs, floor decking or other prepared surfaces. The ‘Placer’ is attached to the end of the delivery line and places concrete where you need it while the ‘Dragger’ is 20’ away
keeping the excess line out of the pouring area. Both machines are radio-controlled for operating at a safe distance. One set is equipped with a propane motor and exhaust scrubber to provide clean air, in an air tight enclosed working area.

Line Dragons offer a more effective way of pouring a large area. Using less manpower for faster production on slab on grade, corrugated steel decks and light bridge work applications.

17 Meter Spider Boom

Our 17 meter spider boom takes an advanced approach to placing concrete. This machine allows you to place concrete anywhere in its 56 feet of reach without the hassle of traditional placing booms. The unit is fully hydraulic and the remote operations allow for easy maneuvering and stable 360 degree movement.

This freestanding three section boom is commonly used for PT decks and mid-range high rises.

Z-Fold Concrete Pumps

Our Z-Fold lineup allows us to maneuver in, over and around obstacles to efficiently place concrete in difficult to reach places. The powerful pumping performance and small footprint make these pumps ideal for restrictive job sites. Our 32 Concord has the ability to unfold with as little as 19 feet of clearance.

These pumps are ideal when there are overhead obstructions and for pumping in existing structures.

32 Concord

  • Vertical Reach: 105’

  • Horizontal Reach: 92’-10”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 20’-8”

  • Rear: 21’

  • Front to Back: 35’

36 Meter

  • Vertical Reach: 116’-10”

  • Horizontal Reach: 103’

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 18’-1”

  • Rear: 23’

  • Front to Back: 36’-5”

110 Telebelt

The Putzmeister Telebelt can quickly convey a wide variety of materials such as sand, concrete and 2-inch rock. The Telebelt offers 106 feet of horizontal reach in heights as low as 15 feet 9 inches with smooth, surge free conveying. The unique butterfly outriggers allow for quick and easy setup in congested and even rough terrain areas.

  • Horizontal Reach: 106’-1”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 23’-1”

  • Rear: 26’-9”

  • Front to Back: 40’

Somero SP-80 Placer

The Somero placer offers a 40 foot placing reach with 360 degree placing ability. This unit is operator controlled and was built to enhance working conditions by reducing labor and improving quality. Most commonly used for slab on grade. Ideal for warehouses with poor access and bad sub soil.

17M - 65M Concrete Pumps


  • Vertical Reach: 55’-2”

  • Horizontal Reach: 43’-10”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  •   Front: 12’-8”

  •   Rear: 7’-3”

  • Front to Back: 31’-2”

32/5 Ton

  • Vertical Reach: 105’

  • Horizontal Reach: 86’

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 20’-5”

  • Rear: 18’-8”

  • Front to Back: 24’-5”

39M and 39XL

  • Vertical Reach: 127’

  • Horizontal Reach: 113’-8”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 26’

  • Rear: 21’

  • Front to Back: 40’-3”

45A / 46M

  • Vertical Reach: 147’-7”

  • Horizontal Reach: 133’-10”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 27’-3”

  • Rear: 27’-3”

  • Front to Back: 39’-10”

58 Meter

  • Vertical Reach: 187’-9”

  • Horizontal Reach: 175’-2”

  • Outrigger Widths:

  • Front: 29’-2”

  • Rear: 41’

  • Front to Back: 52’-1”

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